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Atlassian Confluence Migration for Medical Device Manufacturer

Business Requirement:
The Client had multiple / disparate instances of Atlassian Confluence running, which they obtained from acquisitions, mergers and needed to consolidate the Confluence instances.
The Client is a US based hightech / medical device manufacturing company with facilities in US and Asia Pacific.
Client was using multiple / disparate instances of Atlassian Confluence consisting of sites and information articles under different groups, spanned in multiple locations. They have users, knowledge articles, attachments, lists that needed to be migrated to one instance with proper privileges set. The site had to be put under single branding for even look and feel and has to be maintained.

Client has been using confluence for many years, but their instances grew as the teams grew and with mergers and acquisitions. The business requirement was to consolidate all of them under one umbrella without losing the users, user privileges, team structures, lists and knowledge articles with the proper hierarchy of tree. Atlassian best practices recommends running the standard scripts for migrating the standard instances, but that migration path doesn’t work in this case as the systems were disparate. TechTiera team was able to quickly develop the custom scripts to unify the instances to check the users under different groups, privileges and has migrated / consolidated all the Atlassian confluence instances to one corporate Atlassian instance with all the groups, divisions, lists by the users and their access privileges. All the knowledge articles were migrated by custom built crawling scripts and content was migrated with the content tree structure. Access authentication was integrated with their existing identity management software and users are not required to authenticate multiple times to login to their confluence instances.

The entire migration was completed in record time and TechTiera is currently supporting and maintaining their Confluence instances along with other Atlassian toolstack in their environment.

Benefits to Client: