Salesforce Consulting Services

Engage TechTiera and harness full power of Salesforce platform.
TechTiera has expert consulting team catering to client needs on complete range of Salesforce Modules and platform.

Customers choose Saleforce platform because of its ability to deploy rapidly, scalability, flexible for customizations and cost effiective deployment. TechTiera can help customers with wide range of Salesforce-related services to cover all your objectives, such as develop apps, customize and connect an existing application, migrate your current CRM app to Salesforce, guide you with Salesforce Lightning, or even assist you with our consulting solutions. Our Salesforce developers can take on any project you might have in mind and take it to another level with Salesforce and its rich app environment.

TechTiera’s helps its customers to deploy Salesforce solutions rapidly, with the best customer experience tailored to their business needs, to leverage their Salesforce investment by continuously improving end-user adoption, creating and deploying departmental applications, and seamlessly integrating multi-cloud environments to achieve a better return on their Salesforce investment.

TechTiera has dedicated teams on Salesforce platform and has workeed on following Modules and Platforms:

Salesforce Modules:
Salesforce Platforms:
TechTiera offers following Services on Salesforce:
Advisory & Assessment Services

At TechTiera, we understand that every business has unique needs and challenges.TechTiera’s expert team can work with your business teams to understand your needs and advice you on your Salesforce implementions. We leverage our years of experience on Salesforce platform and in-depth know-how to solve your complex business challenges. Our advisory services will help you with strategic roadmap for right Salesforce solution and step by step plan for implemention thus enabling not only for Customer Relationship Management strategy, but throug the journey of Customer Engagement Strategy.

Configuration, Implemention, Enhancements and Customization Services

Techtiera implements Salesforce platform tailor made for customer’s business needs to make them successful and to keep them ahead of their competition. Since Salesforce is ever-evolving, TechTiera helps customers with new developments and enhancement with features. Our team of experts identify new configurations, applications and fine tune the instance for achiving the optimal performance. TechTiera customizes Salesforce solutions with point-and-click tools (configuration) or by coding (Apex code, Visualforce, Lightning Components) to enable custom workflows, report/dashboards, email templates, etc., and make the solution look and work like your live business processes require. TechTiera helps its customers to get most out of their Salesforce investment. TechTiera enhances Salesfoce implementation services offerings with deep expertise in DevSecOps & continuous delivery, dataOps, enterprise agile frameworks, human centric design, design thinking and thought leadership.

Salesforce Administration Services

TechTiera’s goal is to help customers to get complete ROI from their Salesforce investment. OTechtiera’s Salesforce admins and consultants will work closely with customer’s teams to get full advantage of their Salesforce implementation. TechTiera experts will modify and configure Salesforce per customer’s businiess needs, entirely in line with your sales goals and objectives but based on best practices recommendations from Salesforce and experience gained from years of serive and working on multiple client engagements.

Salesforce Integration Services

TechTiera’s expert team leverages their years of expertise on Salesforce platform and deep understanding of data model and can map methodology and logic to integrate any external system. TechTiera has experience helping customers in identying true value of theird-party systems integration with Salesforce platform, actual integration, real-time data synchronization, extraction, transformation, loading data, Integrating & feeding the data from Salesforce to other decision making, fulfilment systems and to put the data work for data-driven business metrics. Inoder to achieve seamless integrations, TechTiera uses Mulesoft and/ or technologies and tools as needs demand.

Custom Apps Development

When a customer is looking to put their Salesforce instances in turbocharged mode or tyo develop a product to sell that runs on salesforce platform, Custom App Development is need, to cater these needs TechTiera has expert Salesforce technical team with vast experience on Salesforce, .Net, Java, Spring, RubyonRails (RoR), PHP, JavaScript, ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, and Ajax. TechTiera can help clients from idea to execution by building custom apps for Salesforce to meet specific business need, by using force.com or other platform as required to extend Salesforce Modules offerings / features. TechTiera helps their customers build custom Salesforce apps for your internal needs that either solve specific tasks, like document generation and lead assignment or add a substantial piece of functionality to Salesforce (e.g., delivery planning, property management).

Ongoing Support & Maintenance Services

Based on our experience, we understand that every customer and business we worked with is different, no two Salesforce instances are same.

We offer a wide range of services from project based to dedicated resources. Our expertise in Salesforce enables us to create the right solutions to meet your business requirements. TechTiera helps customers maintain and evolve their Salesforce solutions inline with their business needs.TechTiera through its Support & Maintenance Services offering provides – ongoing administration, management, bug fixing, issue resolution, Performance & Security checks, user support, proactive improvements, enhancements.

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