Splunk Consulting Services

TechTiera has expert team to get the best out of your investment on Splunk. TechTiera’s Splunk expert team has expertise in working with
TechTiera's Splunk Services:
Splunk Assessment, Healthcheck Services

Splunk Assessment, Healthchecks and Professional Services help you in identifying whether Splunk a good fit for your needs or not, conduct comparative assessment and recommend appropriate SIEM for your needs. If you already have SIEM deployed such as Splunk, will perform healthchecks of existing deployments and recommend best practices.

Splunk Implemention and Administration Services.

TechTiera Offers various elastic engagement models for SIEM / Splunk Design, Architecture, Implemenation, Customizations, Integrations, User management and Administration for their customers.

Splunk Professional Services / Staff Augmentation

TechTiera offers Professioanl Services and Staff Augmentation services based on customer needs. We offer various elastic engagement models which are result oriented and doesnt need long term commitments. TechTira offers services on Splunk Core, IT Servicve Intelliegence (Splunk ITSI), Splunk Enterprise Secutity (Splunk ES), Splunk User Behaviour Analytics (Splunk UBA) along with most of the Splunk Apps.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance for Splunk / Splunk Managed Services:

TechTiera can help customers to maintain, support and enhancements as managed services through our flexible engagement models. TechTiera’s Splunk Managed Services includes entire Splunk platform services from installation, configuration, administration, reports, alerts, updates, upgrades, performance monitoring, regular and scheduled healthchecks, support and maintenance, regardless of core or enterprise editions or in-premise or cloud hosted environments, custom development, dashboards, visualization per requirements on flexible engagement models globally. Through Managed Services offering, we support entire solution, not just the Splunk instances.

Splunk Integration & Customizations

TechTiera offers Splunk integration with various infrastructure / cloud Monitoring, network / application performance monitoring Systems, and various other third party applciations. TechTiera offers custom services for creating, tuning alerts, develop custom searches and reports based on customer needs.

Custom Apps, Reports and Dashboards.

TechTiera has experience in development of Custom Apps and Reports for Splunk instances. TechTiera has vast experience in building custom Dashboards with visualization of data from Splunk and other enterprise security tools.