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MigrationMaster is collection of Service/IP and Product offering of TechTiera for migrating the content from ECM Systems.
ECM Systems Migration:
  • Premise to Premise
  • Premise to Cloud
  • Cloud to Cloud

MigrationMaster is proven to be very successful for migration of content set from eRoom, Documentum, LiveLink, IBM FileNet to SharePoint / Office365 / Microsoft 365 or vice-versa.

MigrationMaster is proven to be successful even when other big named “one size fits all” migration tools failed. TechTiera has assisted clients with the following migrations:

  • Documentum to Share Point
  • Documentum to Office 365 / Microsoft 365
  • Documentum to Alfresco
  • Documentum to Hyland Onbase
  • Documentum to Box
  • Documentum to Flatfile system for Archiving
  • FileNet to Documentum
  • FileNet to Share Point
  • Livelink to Documentum
  • MS Exchange to Office 365 / Microsoft 365
  • Other collaboration / email Systems to Office 365 / Microsoft 365. (Example – Atlassian Confluence to Share Point, Zimbra & Google Apps to Office 365 / Microsoft 365).

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