Retail & Consumer Goods

Retailing is undergoing many major transformations today. Retailers are faced with complex inter-related issues such as customer preferences, low operational margins & competition. This compels the retailers to innovate in every set of activity including forecasting, planning, sourcing, logistics and sales channels handling. Retailers today face greater challenges in acquiring new customers, satisfying & retaining customers.

Retailers need to run their IT systems more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. Major chains are expanding their presence across geographic regions and, in many cases, across national boundaries. Additionally, they are expanding into new markets that extend their brand to new product categories.

TechTiera leverages its business process knowledge & technological capabilities to offer innovative IT solutions to the Retail Industry. Our technical consultants specialize in back end ERP technologies, developing interfaces to varied systems, pervasive computing on smart devices, and Enterprise Application Integration skills among others. Our functional consultants have vast knowledge about Retail Information Systems, SCM, Distribution and Logistics Management, CRM, Data warehousing, and multi channel retailing. The functional consultants and analysts come with comprehensive industry knowledge from various businesses like Fashion apparel, Sports footwear & Consumer durable with experience in departmental stores and large supermarkets.