As telecom markets enter an era of consolidation and further regulatory changes, developing new products and services in traditional copper wire line and wireless sectors is still a priority.

TechTiera’s proven experience in developing and integrating solutions in advanced telecommunications systems is producing results. We are helping all parts of the industry (from carriers to equipment providers and software vendors) to capitalize on new market and technology opportunities.

Addressing all sectors of the industry, TechTiera’s Telecom industry practice delivers a wide range of solutions:

For Service Providers:

TechTiera helps the service provider reengineer their Operation Support System, (OSS) and Billing systems. And, it also helps them achieve revenue assurance objectives, and gain better customer visibility through enhanced CRM and Data warehousing solutions. And through Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), it ensures an improved control over the business.

For Equipment Vendors:

TechTiera has in-depth expertise in helping equipment vendors integrate existing systems with emerging networks and equipment standards. It also helps them deliver embedded solutions for a wide variety of real-time platforms; automate the testing of new systems, and offers new components supporting the latest location-based wireless services. Furthermore, TecTiera also works with them to provide system integration solutions. And, it helps them launch new revenue-rich services while protecting their existing investments.

For Telecom Software Providers:

Thanks to our proven onsite/offshore methodology, TechTiera helps solution providers to focus on their core expertise: defining and marketing products. With our onsite/offshore teams focusing on high-quality software development, telecom solution providers can meet their delivery promises.

TechTiera brings together the best of both worlds: proven telecom domain expertise, backed by experience in areas ranging from Transformational Outsourcing to eBusiness, EAI, ERP, CRM, and Data Warehousing. With our proven ability to deliver, TechTiera helps telecom companies realize their goals in an environment where the competitive playing field, regulatory requirements, and technology base is changing rapidly.

TechTiera’s Services for Telecom Industry Clients: