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Data Management

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Data Management

TechTiera is a pioneer in the realm of Data Management, offering a comprehensive suite of services that include proprietary accelerators, deep technology partnerships, a highly skilled and experienced workforce, and a wealth of client success stories.

We’ve achieved substantial cost savings, slashed data processing times by over 90% in some cases, and established robust governance structures for scalability across markets and divisions. Our expertise spans the BFS, Insurance, and Travel sectors.

Unlocking the Power of Data

Data management encompasses a wide array of processes and activities crucial for collecting, organizing, storing, retrieving, and utilizing data. Effective data management is indispensable for organizations and individuals relying on data to drive decisions, glean insights, and meet their objectives.


TechTiera’s Data Management journey comprises several stages:

Our toolbox includes an array of tools and technologies, such as:

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Data Governance: Navigating the Data Landscape

TechTiera boasts a long-standing presence in data governance services, offering expertise in data classification, cataloging, lineage, security, access control, data asset lifecycle management, policy formulation, and data administration.

Data governance is pivotal for data-driven organizations, providing a robust framework for data access and usage in a dynamic landscape characterized by evolving regulations and fast-paced technological advancements.

TechTiera collaborates with businesses to develop secure and adaptable data governance frameworks. Our track record includes transformations in data governance for major banks, insurance providers, IT companies, staffing firms, and airlines. We leverage encryption, administration, domain standards, and data privacy regulations to create sustainable solutions tailored to emerging technologies and evolving business landscapes. TechTiera’s engineers have expertise in using Data Governance tools such as: Collibra, Informatica Axon, IBM InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog, Alation, SAP Data Intelligence, Talend Data Catalog etc.

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Metadata Management: Navigating the Data Landscape

TechTiera is a frontrunner in metadata management, focusing on capturing structured data about data, which is essential for understanding data flow in complex environments. We employ a wide range of data lineage tools, data cataloging tools, and metadata management software, partnering with leading metadata management platforms worldwide. Our implementations enhance data governance, accuracy, consistency, and discovery while promoting collaboration and reuse. TechTiera’s engineers have expertise in using Metadata management tools such as: Collibra, ERWin DAta Catalog, Alation, Apache Atlas, Informatica Metadata Manager, Dataedo, Alteryx, Nifi, Google Cloud Data Catalog, Azure Purview etc.

Data Quality Management: Ensuring Data Excellence

Data quality is a linchpin of effective data management. It encompasses data accuracy, completeness, reliability, consistency, timeliness, and relevance to its intended users. Data Quality Management (DQM) is the set of practices and methodologies organizations adopt to maintain high data quality. Our DQM initiatives tackle data quality issues, perform root cause analyses, develop solutions, establish standards and metrics, and monitor processes to ensure data quality excellence.

At TechTiera, we have policies in place to uphold data quality across our clientele, using industry-leading software and best practices to maintain the highest data quality standards. TechTiera’s engineers have expertise with the following Data Quality Management Tools: Informatica Data Quality, Apache Nifi, Tibco Data Quality, Microsoft DQS, Alteryx, DAtaRobot, Ataccama ONE, SAP DQM, Melissa, OpenText DQ, Trillium etc.

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Master Data Management: Unlocking Data Consistency

Master Data Management (MDM) is a core discipline in the data management process. It involves managing critical organizational data to ensure accuracy, consistency, and completeness across systems. MDM integrates data, cleanses, enriches, and governs it, creating a standardized, unified view of data across business lines. This approach eliminates data duplication, enhances accuracy, and ensures consistency for operational and analytical purposes. TechTiera offers MDM expertise, implementing processes and using a wide range of market-leading tools. TechTiera’s engineers have expertise with the following Master Data Management tools: Informatica MDM, Informatica Customer360, SAP MDG, Talend MDG, IBM INfoSphere MDM, Semarchy xDM, SAS MDM, Stibo MDM, Magnitude, Siperian, EDH and Microsoft MDS.

Data Security & Privacy: Safeguarding Your Most Valuable Asset

In an age where data privacy is paramount, TechTiera is your partner in securing your data assets. We offer end-to-end services, from strategic consulting to the implementation and operation of Data Security and Data Privacy Solutions. We understand the significance of data privacy in building trust with customers, and we help businesses comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA, ensuring the security and sensitivity of customer data. TechTiera’s engineers have expertise with the following tools: Microsoft Bitlocker, Symantec Endpoint Encryption, Delphix, IBM InfoSphere, MSAD, Azure AD, Symantec DLP, Axure IP, OAS, Guardium, Voltage, Cipher, Collibra, Varonis, OneTrust, TrustArc, QRadar, Splunk, AWS Key Management, KMS, Globalscape EFT, Axway, IBM Sterling, TrustArc, Crowdstricke, Nuix, IRP etc.


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