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Business Process Management

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Business Process Management

TechTiera’s Business Process Automation and Management consulting services inject intelligence into business processes, prioritizing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. We utilize leading products, tools, and accelerators, integrating intelligence through our digitization framework, Cloud migration kits, hyper-automation techniques, and industry best practices.

Our expertise in Business Process Automation/Management allows us to optimize enterprise operations, from customer onboarding to supply chain management. We meticulously align processes with business objectives, providing actionable recommendations for the Cloud or on-premises, resulting in heightened productivity, customer-centricity, and reduced total cost of ownership.

With extensive experience across verticals like Banking, Insurance, Automotive, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and Hi-tech, TechTiera delivers differentiating BPM solutions for large enterprises.

Enterprise Integration TechTiera Advantages


Advantages of Implementing Business Process Automation / Management

BPM & BPA Services

Business Process Management & Business Process Automation Services by TechTiera:
Business Process Management
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TechTiera’s Solutions Executed:

TechTiera’s successful execution of the following BPM Solutions is the result of their profound domain knowledge and a practical approach to work. The following are some of the use cases TechTiera has worked on for our customers:
Enterprise Integration Services by TechTiera

Business Process Automation / Management Tools

TechTiera has expertise with the following Business Process Automation / Management Tools:

OpenText BPM (Formerly OpenText Cordys)


IBM BPM (Formerly IBM Lombardi)

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Microsoft Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform






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