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Document Capture / OCR / ICR & BPM

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Document Capture / OCR / ICR & BPM

“Revolutionize Document Capture with TechTiera’s Intelligent Document Capture Services.

Enhance your organization’s efficiency and cost-effectiveness by leveraging automated data extraction and storage solutions. Bid farewell to manual data input tasks involving invoices, receipts, text, tables, and diagrams.

Our team specializes in top-notch OCR and advanced document comprehension services aimed at streamlining your business processes and eradicating repetitive tasks, all while cutting down on data extraction expenses.

TechTiera has been at the forefront of empowering businesses for over a decade, guiding them in the seamless adoption of cutting-edge enterprise document capture software harnessing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies.

TechTiera’s document capture solutions offer more than just the conversion of paper or electronic documents into actionable data. They eliminate the burden of error-prone manual data entry, enabling organizations to swiftly transition from paper to digital whether in structured or unstructured formats per business requirements. Beyond streamlining processes, TechTiera’s Document Capture Solutions help reduce costs, mitigate risks, and provide instant access to the critical information you need to excel in your work.

Document Capture / OCR / ICR & BPM

Why to use Document Capture Software Applications?

why processmaker document scanning and storage
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Benefits of Document Capture Solutions:

digitization electronic document back up

TechTiera’s Document Capture / OCR and ICR Service Offerings:

TechTiera has experience with following Document Capture / OCR & ICR Systems


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