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In today’s fiercely competitive global manufacturing landscape, geographic borders and time zones are no longer significant barriers. Manufacturing enterprises are constantly vying for market share on a worldwide scale, and their success hinges on cost containment, quality maintenance, operational efficiencies, and swift time-to-market. In this challenging environment, manufacturers seek experienced partners who can deliver results right the first time.

Our manufacturing practice is dedicated to providing top-tier consulting services and IT-based solutions. Our focus is on crafting solutions and services that empower companies to enhance their operations by harnessing the potential of the Internet.

Our manufacturing practice offers specialized software solutions and services that optimize production processes and seamlessly integrate operational requirements with enterprise-level decision-making processes. This ensures a smooth alignment of crucial business and production functions and a seamless flow of information across critical interfaces.

These solutions are designed and deployed with modularity and scalability in mind, allowing for the cost-effective reconfiguration of existing applications and the integration of new ones. Our onsite-offshore model enables us to standardize our industry-specific, best-of-breed solutions and deliver proven benefits to our clients.


At TechTiera, we boast extensive experience working with various clients in discrete manufacturing. We’ve partnered with them to address their information technology needs, saving their budgets while providing reliable information systems. Our capabilities encompass application development, maintenance and support outsourcing, integration services, factory floor automation, IoT, Big Data Analytics, and secure supply chain services. With TechTiera as your ally, your manufacturing enterprise is poised for success in the global market.

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, the key to sustainable success lies in harnessing the power of digital transformation technologies. These innovations empower manufacturers to optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and drive profitability. Document and content management systems streamline data handling, ensuring easy access to vital information, while promoting compliance and data security. Collaboration systems facilitate real-time communication among teams, fostering seamless coordination and knowledge sharing. Intelligent Automation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automate routine tasks, reducing errors and operational costs. Document capture and workflow systems streamline data entry and process automation, enhancing efficiency. Business Process Management (BPM) systems provide the agility needed to adapt to changing market demands and drive process optimization. Together, these technologies revolutionize manufacturing processes, promoting operational excellence and fueling innovation. Our expertise in these transformative solutions empowers manufacturers to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, maximize profitability, and achieve sustainable growth.

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TechTiera’s offerings for Manufacturing Customers:

Our extensive experience collaborating with a diverse array of clients, spanning both direct and indirect engagements within the Manufacturing industry, has enriched our expertise and intellectual property assets. This wealth of knowledge empowers us to deliver exceptional value and expedite time-to-market results for our manufacturing-focused initiatives. We cordially invite you to connect with us and explore how our proficiency in information technology services can effectively address your specific requirements within the Manufacturing sector. Your success in this dynamic industry is of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to partnering with you to achieve your objectives.


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