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IT Application Support & Maintenance Services

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IT Application Support & Maintenance Services / Managed Services

In the current business landscape, staying ahead of the curve necessitates advanced information technology applications alongside core business strengths. To ensure the seamless operation of information technology, constant attention from highly skilled staff is essential. TechTiera offers a flexible alternative to traditional in-house IT managed services, allowing organizations to liberate themselves from the necessary, burdensome, and time-consuming IT tasks such as monitoring, patching, and upgrading IT systems and applications. By minimizing downtime to near zero, our customers can prioritize their strategic business initiatives with confidence. TechTiera’s IT Managed Services provide a solution by allowing customer’s in-house IT teams to focus on critical priorities while we address the gaps. Our service models are flexible and highly customizable, specifically designed for global organizations. Coupled with our global delivery approach, organizations can have control and delegate specific aspects of their business, whether it’s maintaining basic operations or managing the entire IT functions.
IT Application Support & Maintenance Services

TechTiera’s Offerings in Managed IT Services:

Agile Delivery: TechTiera adopts an Agile approach throughout the organization, fostering a collaborative environment where teams interact and work together to optimize operations and delivery.

24×7 Maintenance & Support: TechTiera’s Maintenance and Support services provide round-the-clock support with efficient triaging and shorter life cycle for support, incident management, and change implementation. Leveraging technology tools like Atlassian Jira, ServiceNow, and custom-built applications, TechTiera ensures efficient handling of Maintenance and Support engagements.

Solution Development: With unique frameworks and agile delivery models, TechTiera empowers organizations to develop complex applications that guarantee an enhanced end-user experience.

Testing Services: TechTiera’s Managed Software Testing Services enable the creation of zero-defect software applications. Through automation-driven testing services, TechTiera delivers flawless products for organizations.
Scalable Resource Allocation: TechTiera’s highly qualified and globally diverse recruiting team ensures that customers have access to the best talent to scale their IT workforce needs.

Global Workforce & Remote Management: Since its inception, TechTiera has been at the forefront of IT Managed Services, utilizing onsite, offshore, nearshore, and hybrid delivery models. With dedicated global and regional delivery centers equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, TechTiera adheres to best-in-class practices for development, quality assurance, real-time monitoring, and support processes.

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TechTiera Offerings on Application Support & Maintenance Services / Managed Services:

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IT Application Support & Maintenance Services


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